Setting Up your Member Gallery Page

Gallery Page Set-Up Instructions

After submitting your form and payment online or sending your signed form and check to Elena, send an email to our Website Administrator, Joan Burke:

Include the following information in your email:

1. Your Name (as you would like it to appear on your gallery page)

2. Phone number (if you would like it to appear on your gallery page)

3. Email address

4. Website url (if you have your own site and would like to have it appear on your gallery page)

5. Artist bio and/or artist statement (limited to approximately 250 words)

6. Your preferred gallery page format (See descriptions below: Rotating Image,  Filmstrip or Website Designer’s Choice)

7. Attach up to 6 digital images of your artwork, JPEG(.jpg) format not to exceed a horizontal width of 1500 pixels. Maximum individual file size: 1MB.

8. In the email, include Latin name of plant(s) if known, common name of plant(s) or title of artwork. Please name image files by the name of the artwork, so Joan will know the correct titles for each image.

Gallery Page Format Options – Select one of three options

1) Rotating image format: Single image displays for a short duration and rotates to next image in the artist’s file (similar to the image rotator on our home page). There is a continuous loop of single images of all images in this artist’s file. Arrows appear (on mouse hover) to go to previous and next images to manually advance or go back in the sequence of images. Best option for 3 or fewer images.

2) Filmstrip format: A row of small images appears below a single large image with the displayed image in the “filmstrip” highlighted. The user can click on any image in the filmstrip to make that image appear larger in the field above the filmstrip. The filmstrip displays up to 6 images.

3) Web Administrator will choose the best format for the images submitted.


Questions? Please contact Kelly McLeod: