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Member Gallery Information

Individual artist gallery pages are offered as an optional benefit to members for a nominal fee.  Each member can have one page, if so desired. Each member gallery page can hold up to 6 digital images.  Members opting to have a gallery page will pay an initial set up fee of $25. This can be paid online or with a check sent to the BASNCR Membership Chair.  Updates to individual gallery pages can be made once annually  for an additional fee of $10.  For your convenience, forms to request a new gallery page and update an existing page can be submitted online or printed from the website and mailed to the BASNCR Treasurer.

Instructions for setting up your Member Gallery page can be found HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions about Member Gallery

Q   Will the Member Gallery replace the home page image rotator?
A   No. The rotating gallery on the home page will still be in place. We want to encourage each member to submit one image for the home page rotating gallery. There is no fee to have your image on the home page rotator.

Why is there a fee to set up and maintain individual gallery pages?
A   In offering the Member Gallery as an optional member benefit, we established a nominal fee to cover consultant costs. In this way, members who do not elect to have a gallery page will not feel that their dues are subsidizing the gallery pages of others.

Does dpi resolution matter? Why the 1MB file limitation?
Dpi resolution does not matter in website postings – only in materials to be printed. The file size does matter, however, as it dictates the speed at which an image will load.

Q Is the BASNCR website protected?
A content is copyrighted. Controls on the site prevent image copying.

Q  How do I get started?
A  Either complete the online form and online payment or print and sign the member gallery page form and mail a check to our Membership Chair. Separately send an email to our website designer.  Complete details, page set up instructions, and image specifications can be found HERE.