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Learning Opportunities at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

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Information about Garden’s Certificate of Competence in Botanical Illustration

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The Garden Education Certificate in BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION is designed to provide a certification of competence in the classical approaches and disciplines of botanical illustration. Certificate holders must demonstrate their competence in drawing and painting plants in a technically detailed manner. Drawing on the Garden’s mission to engage people with the natural world and the examples in the Garden’s collection of significant botanical paintings by A. Descubes, and the Imperial Edition of Reichenbachia: Orchids Illustrated and Described, emphasis is placed on proper set-up of live specimens, accurate drawing, correct depiction of tone and value, and on work in the traditional media of pen and ink and watercolor. For the home gardener, the certificate’s emphasis on botanical accuracy will enhance observational skills in the garden. For the serious artist, the curriculum will enhance technical and observational skills.

Current hours required: Minimum 154

Cost: Enrollment is free. Classes cost between $10-$12 per hour, plus materials, if provided.

Enrollment in the certificate program is not required to take courses in the Botanical Illustration curriculum, but non-certificate students wishing to enroll in courses above the beginning level must be pre-approved by the instructor before enrollment. To obtain a Botanical Illustration Certificate upon completion of the required courses an enrollment form must be on file with the Registrar’s Office.